Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Thoughts for Wednesday

So, I've been busy trying to sign up for some blogging networks and have joined some blogging support groups as well. As a newbie to blogging, I think it's really important to rally support. One of the most difficult and absolutely annoying questions I get when I try to sign up for networks is what is my niche, or what is my blog about. I have a hard time answering this question because my idea of what a blog is supposed to be and what blogs have become are entirely different. I want to share all kinds of things with you. It's great that there are blogs out there that are focused on one specific thing like green living for example. My life is about so much more than just one thing though. I really like reviewing products, but I have a lot of ideas for the future and direction of my blog. Unfortunately due to current circumstances, I'm a little limited as to what I can bring here. But within a few months things will get really interesting. I'm not a one-category kind of person and I don't want my blog to be either.It would be great to make a living off of blogging someday, but if that never happens I'll be alright with that as long as I can do this my way. I'm not trying to attack bloggers that have a niche in any way I think it's awesome if you have a niche. I'm not an expert in really anything, and I don't want to pretend to be. In the future I will be doing giveaways, and sharing about weight loss (post baby), recipes, more reviews and whatever else I feel like. The giveaway part is the first and most important thing I want to be able to bring to the table. Right now, I don't have the traffic to do a sponsored one and with me being out of work it is not an affordable option to host one myself at this time. I promise this will change. I truly hope this didn't sound like a rant. I want to give you an idea of where this thing is going and how I want it to be. -Gina

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