Thursday, June 4, 2015

Online Shoppers- Always check for deals!!

Today in the car I was listening to Vermont Public Radio in which they aired a segment about people who buy products for low prices, mark them up and sell them on places like Ebay or Amazon. They make a killer profit! They interviewed a man who makes millions doing this and the interviewer followed him into Babies R Us. The man loaded his car up with a bunch of Babies R Us brand baby wipes that sold for under $20 and then sold them on Amazon for $40+ ! I looked into this myself and it's true! On Amazon, there are Babies R Us brand wipes (500 count) for sale ranging from $35.23 to as high as $41.02. That same box of wipes is actually $13.99 on the Babies R Us website. Shipping rates vary from the direct retailer site, but for me the total of the wipes including shipping was $19.98. That's a huge difference! I wanted to share this because I love and trust Amazon, but after hearing this and seeing it for myself, it's always worth looking around for the best price possible on any product you're looking into purchasing. Yes, it may take a little longer, but this is your hard earned money.
As a consumer I think it is so important to not put my money into the pockets of people whose entire business is unethical.

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