Monday, June 15, 2015

The Rest of June

Here we are in June and as my due date while it seems forever away is in actuality, fast approaching. I have so much left to do and that I want to do. I have been falling behind in blogging and a lot of other things because carrying baby #2 has been rough. Sometimes it feels like I've bit off more than I can chew but I am going to keep trucking, because I truly love blogging so far and I have so much left to learn. So as my first post this week I wanted to share my goal/to do list for the remainder of June.

1) Finish Baby's Room
The crib has been put together, most of her clothes have been put away and her changing table has been stocked. The baby's room used to be our office so there are still some left over things I have to haul out as well as get rid of all of the gift bags from the baby shower.

2) Assemble the bassinet, stroller, and swing.

3) Read one book- I love reading and I haven't really made time for it. Plus, I though it would be nice to post some reviews and thoughts about books on here.

4) Get my reviews posted

5) Come up with some cool things to blog about-I have been really struggling with the whole "creative content" thing. Maybe it's pregnancy brain, but I have to be more interesting on this thing!

It doesn't seem like a lot and I'm probably missing some things but I really have to stop procrastinating.

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